Artist Statement  

I am inspired by abstract forms in nature, science, and particularly the vessel for its rich history and symbolism, for its sensual and anthropomorphic forms and resemblance to the human body. In exploring the possibilities of pattern and movement, an exciting visual interaction occurs by combining and merging line with abstract shapes. In these areas of convergence, intersection, and overlap, colors become other colors, forms create other forms, alluding to birth, renewal, transformation- a place for more to emerge. The visual effect of such interplay translates to real-life circumstances, evoking people in conversation, traffic patterns, weather patterns, groupings in nature, all connecting, adapting, and modifying, creating unique and dynamic variations and structures.


Rachel Webber enjoyed a bicoastal childhood living in Brooklyn, NY, and Berkeley, CA. She followed her passion for art education and artmaking which subsequently led her to attending art schools in Minneapolis, London and San Francisco.

While receiving a Certificate of Art from Croydon College of Art in London and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Webber pursued her love of music, performing in several bands including one which earned a record deal with CBS Records and a top 10 song on the Billboard dance charts. During this time, Webber also worked as a design assistant and production manager for several artists and fashion designers in San Francisco.

This was followed by a move to New York City, where she started a successful business designing and manufacturing fashion and home accessories. Her original designs sold to major department stores and specialty boutiques in Tokyo, Paris, London and across the US.

Feeling disillusioned with the fashion industry, Webber felt the need to return to her roots in fine art and education. While maintaining her own studio practice, she became the director of an arts program for children, exposing them to professional artists in NYC with studio visits and high-level art classes taught by working and teaching artists. She then became the executive director of a non-profit academic enrichment program for underserved youth, focusing on art, academics and equity in education. Webber proudly guided the program through growth and changes fueled by her passion for the mission, where her work for the organization was nationally recognized and awarded. Webber currently dedicates all of her time to artmaking in her studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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